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>> anderson: i thank the golden gate and lisa rinna thank you for co-hosting. we have strange addictions, thank you for watching. see you then. [applause] [♪]
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a firefighter is hurt and this is now a crime scene. we'll tell you what was found inside. a hospice situation in standoff and why marijuana is at the center of this incident. the bay area's new push to host a super bowl -- coming up at noon.
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a firefighter is injured when crews rush to an ordinary- looking house that turned out to be much more. it is the top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. an investigation is now underway after a house fire left a firefighter injured this morning in san francisco. we have more details now on a story that was breaking at the end of "mornings on 2."
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ktvu's tara moriarty is live on 8th avenue near morago with some pictures that show how marijuana may have had a role in this fire. >> reporter: well, the good news, the firefighter is okay. he suffered a possible dislocated shoulder. his own crews transported him to ucsf, but behind me is the house where you can see he fell inside there and crews stumbled upon something else inside. heavy smoke billowed from the roof of this home on 8th avenue near noriega street. >> it was an interior attack, offensive attack. we went right in and directed our hoses in the fire. it's a bit windy. the homes are all attached and wood frame. >> reporter: we watched one firefighter being let out on a gurney. he slipped on stairs. it's what the crews found upstairs that caused them to call police.
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>> i guess in the neighborhood, you know, smelling something different. don't know particularly the smell but definitely something different. >> reporter: firefighters say at least 100 marijuana plants were inside, an elaborate- growing operation an all three floors with a drying room on the floor. >> oftentimes there's high- intensity lights and oftentimes that's what's causes the fire. >> reporter: the fire caused $1.5 million. >> one of these days it will cost somebody their life. i'm really concerned about that. >> reporter: now, investigators have sifted through the house. there's a gaping hole in the roof where firefighters had to go inside. parts of the floors and walls are missing now. the cause of this fire likely electrical but, arson investigators will have to complete their report first. back here live you can see there is a family outside. they live right next door and their home was heavily damaged. there's actually a wall missing. so they are going to have to stay somewhere else until those
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repairs have to be made. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. a little over two hours ago, san francisco's s.w.a.t. team rescued four people who have been held hostage during an hour's long standoff. it started with an april tempted robbery and a marijuana- growing operation -- with an attempted robbery and a marijuana-growing operation. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: around 10:00 this morning, s.w.a.t. officers led this man away in handcuffs, bringing this to an intense standoff in the marijuana growing house. police say the hostage was holding four employees. they were rescued this morning all unhunt. they could be seen on the sidewalk talking to officers. police say this began as a violent take over robbery. the investigators say four men stormed the place wearing ski masks. someone called 911 during the
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holdup and police were able to arrest three of the suspected robbers. but a fourth man remained inside the warehouse. the s.w.a.t. team was called in and eventually they used a k-9 to convince the man to give up. >> they announced their presence, the dog backed, and the suspect said he didn't want to be bitten. and he surrendered. i think the dog gets credit for this one. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out exactly how much marijuana is inside this facility. investigators will be collecting evidence inside this building and also interviewing those four hostages. police say at this point, they don't know if this was a legal marijuana grow. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. there's a picture chur of sun, clouds and -- mixture of sun, clouds and scattered showers as the first rain system of the month passes through. the heaviest rain fell overnight. nearly an inch fell in santa
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rosa and strong winds and rain toppled trees and knocked out power in some parts of the bay area. snow santas to -- continues to fall in the mountains. it's expected to continue to. chains are required on 80 and highway 50 through the mountain passes. the bay area in between systems right now. the first one moved in late last night into early this morning. taking a look at these numbers, wind gusts, sfo topped out 40 miles an hour, oakland at 35 and concord 31 miles an hour. so a bit windy. they have been -- the winds have been backing off. as far as rainfall totals, really adding up. sonoma county, santa rosa, .83. san jose, .07. the latest on stormtracker2, we do have some rain showers and snowshowers up to the north and
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out to the east. you can see the activity out to the sierra for the west slopes. here's a closer inspection of our radar. not a lot of coverage here. you can see a few lingering rain showers scattered about in parts of santa rosa, st. helena, also approaching the vacaville area. once we move out the maps out, just to the north of fairfield. we still have a chance for a few rain showers for this afternoon. i'm tracking a few weather systems that could produce some thunderstorms. that's coming up. >> thank you. winds and rain knocked down a tree in martinez at an apartment complex. the tree fell on two parked cars. one of the car owners said the damage is serious and she's having to work from home. they hope their landlord will reimburse them for the damage to the vehicles. it's not the bad weather here necessarily but the weather on the east coast. that's what's causing delays at
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sfo. the public will get their first chance to pay their respects to the two fallen police officers from santa cruz. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us from san jose to explain all of the memorial plans. >> reporter: good afternoon. well, the santa cruz police chief is meeting here at the hp pavilion with other law enforcement agencies to do a walk-through for the funerals tomorrow. for those who can't make it to that office, it will be an opportunity to bid fare well to the officers. police officers are stationed outside of santa cruz memorial on ocean street. they are guarding the bodies of butch baker and elizabeth butler. a viewing will be held here from 3:00 tole:00 p.m. so the community -- 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. so the community can pay their respects. >> it will be a very, very moving experience tomorrow. one that most haven't seen firsthand. >> reporter: the two officers were gunned down last tuesday
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while they were investigating a case. their death sent shock waves through the community. it's the first time the police department has lost an officer on the job. between 12,000 and 14,000 people are expected to attend the funerals tomorrow. >> it's breaktaking to know we'll -- breathtaking to know we'll have officers from all over. >> reporter: they will travel to the pavilion and the motor said is expected to be -- motor said is expected to be a mile long -- motorcade and is expected to be a mile long. >> we want people to expect big delays. if there was ever a day that your employer would let you commute, tomorrow would be a perfect day for that. >> reporter: i've been told by the police chief there will not be open caskets today or tomorrow. both officers are going to be cremated and it's a possibility
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that their cremated remains will be placed inside the caskets. we'll have much more on this story coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow's memorial precession is set to start at 8:45 a.m. in santa cruz. everyone will gather at the third street parking lot at the santa cruz boardwalk. the precession will go through city streets to ocean street and head north to highway 17. from there, it will continue north to highway 85 and then south to highway 87. it will exit at julin street in san jose and turn on autumn and take it to the hp pavilion. drivers are being advised to expect rolling road closures all along the route tomorrow. a carjacking suspect is in the hospital following a police shooting in san francisco. it happened last night on george court in the city's bayview district. officers spotted the bmw wanted in connection with an armed
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carjacking. that later lead to a brief chase. the police chief said the suspect put his car in reverse and ran over the officer, pulled back and was ready to strike again. >> the officer was vulnerable. could easily have been seriously injured or killed. two of his brother officers fired at the bmw, striking the driver one, the bmw then crashed into the facades in one of the residents. >> chief sur said the officer was not seriously hurt. the driver is listed in stable condition at sf general hospital. this is the sixth shooting in the bay area since friday. i'm brian flores, live in santa clara. we'll give you a progress report on the 49ers' new stadium and the big regional push to bring the super bowl push back to the area. mark tamayo is back in a few minutes. he said the rain is not over and he will have specifics on when we'll have more. and the emotional streets
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on the scenes of venezuela as the late president, hugo chavez, is remembered.
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a priest delivered a blessing over the casket of
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venezuelaian president, hugo chavez. that came at a beginning of a precession through a crowd of thousands. an honor guard carried his remains from a hospital, where he died yesterday, to a nearby chapel. the official mourning period is scheduled to last a week. the united nations is demanding the release of 20 peacekeepers being held by syrian rebels. the rebels say they are holding the peacekeepers because they are helping them re-establish a foothold in the area. the u.n. has september an envoy to try to -- has sent an envoy to try to resolve the situation. late today, there was showing of the 49ers' stadium. our reporter is live to let us
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know why officials are even on board. >> reporter: officials say the best way to bring the super bowl back is to approach the owners. take a look. this is the brand-new 49er stadium. officials say it will be state- of-the- art. the big bush is for leaders, the mayors held a brief plaintiff presence as they officially announced they will be pushing for the super bowl to come -- held a brief meeting as they officially announced they will be pushing for the super bowl to come back to san francisco. mayor lee said he is excited the stadium and possibly the super bowl will be here. >> this is how we think we will
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win this bid. it isn't any particular city. it's us working together, not only on transportation issues not only on welcoming up this stadium site but all of the hospitality that will be part of the bid. >> reporter: and there are about a thousand workers working on this project. as of now, the work is about -- the work here at the stadium, i should say, is about 35% complete with the lower bowl of the stadium expected to be complete by the summer. they say the stadium will have enough solar panels to be able to power the games throughout the season but beyond that, officials say this will be a symbol for the region in the future. >> more importantly, it's about the bay area economy. we have one of the largest, most important economies in the world. this building -- this facility and these people and this team are a regional asset important to the regional economy. >> reporter: but in order to compete, officials say they still need to build corporate,
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political and community support. back out here live, you see the construction moving along. it's expected to be completed by 2014. the super bowl is competing against other teams, notably miami. miami has hosted the super bowl at least 10 times. the last time the super bowl was here was in 1985. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. voters will get to decide who will fill the seat of george sharakawa. the board voted last night to hold an election. sharakwaa resigned after being convicted of felonies including misappropriations of funds. a $10,000 reward is being offered in a burglary case in which an officer's dog was poisoned. police say the pet dog was
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poisoned last friday. when he took him to the vet, the thieves took personal items. the pet dog died. the police dog is recovering. a nonprofit group announced what it called a victory in an effort to keep affordable housing in the city. >> the average rent is around $2700 a month. that's only affordable to a household earning more than $100,000. that's less fewer than 40% of san franciscans. >> a nonprofit called the san francisco land trust held a news conference outside of city hall to announce it's purchased a five-unit building in the city asouth of market neighborhood. the purchase of the building blocked private investors from buying it and forcing the current tenants out by raising the rent. bad weather on the east coast is having an impact on the flights here.
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the flight boards at sfo showed quite a bit of cancellations today. newark, washington, d.c. and new york were cities affected. >> so what we're seeing is delays and cancellations to most of the cities in the northeast as a result of the storm. >> if you are flying or expecting someone to fly in today, the best way to get the latest flight information is to check with the individual airlines. a bit of a break in the rainfall for most of the bay area but tomorrow, tomorrow we still have rain showers to talk about as the second part of this system me anders towards the coastline. looking toward the oakland estuary, wait out there in the distance, and a bit of a
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breeze. once again, we had the showers. not a lot to show you on the radar but a few snowshowers peppered up towards sonoma county and marin county. as you can see, if we do move the maps around, a few sprinkles around the south bay. nothing too significant. as far as current temperatures beginning to warm up, a lot of 50s with san jose, currently 50. and napa in the mid-50s. the chance of a shower for today but as this area of low pressure approaches the region from the north tomorrow, we'll bump up the rain chances and even the possibility of a few thunderstorms. today a sun/cloud mix. tomorrow this cold air filters into the region. that will drop our snow levels down to possibly around 3,000 feet as we head into your thursday. once the system moves out by friday and into the weekend, that will be a warming trend. winter storm warning in place for the west slopes of the sierra until 10:00 this evening. this could likely be reissued
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for thursday. a bit closer to home. a winter weather advisory for monterey counties. this begins at 10:00 tomorrow until 10:00 on friday. because as that area moves down the coast, that will increase the snowfall potential and approaching up above 3500 feet. here's our forecast models show you this -- showing you this and the chance of a few popup showers. not a lot to show you. there's that chance. tomorrow morning at 6:00, we're watching this moisture offshore moving parallel to the coastline, very close to the bay area and then we bump up the chances especially for the western half of the region by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. temperatures for this afternoon, a lot of 50s out there. really not moving too much from the current readings we have this 12:00 hour and a look ahead at your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. there's that rain cloud and the storm cloud for tomorrow, thursday, to reflect in the
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thunderstorm chances. friday we'll dry things up and we'll go back to a warm forecast. >> get ready to change the clocks. >> spring forward. >> lose an hour. >> yes. search teams looked for 17- year-old nicholas joy at sugar loaf mountain after being lost but an individual not part of the rescue crew found him. he built a snow cave when overnight temperatures dropped below freezing. the still to come, still in record -- the stall stock market still in record-setting territory. and we'll let you know if the vatican is getting any closer
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to choosing a new pope. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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a day after the dow closed at an all-time high. it's managed to add to the gains and a survey showing expansion in -- in all parts of the u.s. the republican- controlled house passed legislation to prevent a government shut down at the -- shutdown at the end of the month. the dow is up 14,308. the nasdaq is down 1.5. s&p up 2. a group for victims of
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sexual abuse by priests has listed the list they call the dirty dozen. 12 cardinals they say should not be elected pope. it includes the cardinals from new york, boston and washington, d.c. in the meantime, workers are preparing the sistine chapel for the conclave that will elect the new pope. 113 of the 115 cardinals eligible to vote have arrived at the vatican. of the remaining two, one was scheduled to arrive today, the other tomorrow. in england, the duchess of cambridge may have accidentally shared the gender of her baby. when given a teddy bear, she started to say she would take it for her "dau" -- and then stopped. when asked if she was having a daughter, she insisted she does not know if she's having a boy or a girl. this will be gene length's first great grandchildren and the future of the throne regardless of the gender.
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today at 5:00, a new development to the sinkhole problem that opened up in a san francisco neighborhood. john sasaki says there are now eight, some of them in people's houses. mayor ed lee is gonna visit the neighborhood in about an hour, find out how the city will respond in the coming days. thank you for joining us. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile have a great day.

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